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Indoor Intercom Panel with Linux OS

Indoor Intercom Panel with Linux OS

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ITR662-0001 is a Indoor Panel Unit with Linux OS panel that mainly used for make interacting between the related outdoor intercom unit. It can be connected to Interra outdoor intercom devices for audio, video communication also unlocking and monitoring features. With these functions residents can enjoy crystal clear audio communication, can check the call records and unlock the door remotely. Besides, the ITR662-001 indoor panel supports 8 different alarm zones with three different scenario setup. Black housing is quite proper to align with the interior design of the home.

• VOIP: Support video call, camera monitor, unlock, VOIP communica-tion and check the call records.

• Security: It supports 8 different regions with 3 different scenarios.

• Operating system is Linux.

• Picture record, do not disturb, remote management and message receiving functions.

• User interface customization.

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